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Manufacturing Areas

Pressed and punched products

IN OUR PRESS AND PUNCH DEPARTMENT, special details are manufactured on behalf of the customer. In close dialogue with our customers, designs and manufacturing methods are developed optimized based on technical requirements and production economics.

We offer knowledge, experience and a well-dimensioned machine park for the manufacture of pressed and punched parts in sheet metal. The program is wide and the examples of details are many.

Trays for the automotive and construction industries.

• Details for suspended ceilings.
• Details for pallet rack & shelf rack.
• Details for the construction industry
• Details for the furniture industry.
We are happy to be involved from the start and go from idea to finished product of both large and small series.

Our machine resources include a number of large eccentric presses, perforation lines, tumbling machines and scissors. We also have all the necessary equipment for the manufacture of tools for our own production. The list of products can be made long.